Applying for an Ethan Property

Applying for an Ethan Property can be done online.

In order to have your application considered, you will be required to ensure that you complete all the details in the application. This includes making sure that your application is signed before submission. Instructions on how to complete this form can be found below as well as within the application form itself.

If you have any questions or require assistance completing your application, please contact the property manager who was present at your inspection.

Important Instructions

You must read these instructions prior to completing your application form. If your form is not filled in correctly it will not be processed and you may miss out on the property.

1. One application must be completed for each person wishing to reside in the property.
2. Applications that are not completed and signed will not be processed.
3. Applicants must inspect the inside of the property prior to being approved.
4. If you are successful, you will be required to pay the bond and one month’s rent in advance to secure the property. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

All parties will be required to attend a sign-up appointment within 24-48 hours of acceptance. You can pay VIA money order or bank cheque. Personal cheques will not be accepted.

Signing Your Application

Your application must be digitally signed before submitting it back to us. By completing and signing this document, you agree to accept the terms of the tenancy application using an electronic signature.

1. Click the link below and download the file to your computer. Open the PDF document using Adobe® Reader. If you do not have this program, you can download it for free by clicking this link.
2. On the top right-hand of your screen, click the ‘Sign’ button.
3. Click the ‘Place Signature’ button.
4. Choose the ‘Draw My Signature’ option, draw your signature in the white box, then click ‘Accept’.
5. Click on the area where your signature is required to stamp the signature. Drag the white squares around your signature to make the image bigger or smaller to fit the area where it is required.
6. Click the drop down box next to ‘Place Signature’ then select ‘Clear Saved Signature’ so that you can repeat steps 3 & 4 for your witnesses signature.
7. Click there ‘Signed, Proceed to Send’ button ONLY when you have completed all the details and verified they are correct. Incorrect or incomplete details will require a new form to be completed.
8. Click ‘Save a Copy’ to save it to your computer.
9. Open your email program/website and email your completed, signed application (as well as any supporting documentation required) directly to your property manager.

Click here to download

Once completed and signed, please email your application back to the property manager who was present at your inspection.