Protecting your home from fire

Protecting your home from fire

Preparation throughout the year is an essential key to ensure that you, your property and your family survive a fire. A well prepared home is more likely to survive a fire than one that hasn’t been prepared. Even if you are not around, there is a greater chance that your home will survive if you have undertaken the correct preparations.

These simple precautions can be taken to make homes safer:

Plan ahead

  • Clean gutters
  • Prune trees and plants near the property
  • Keep grass short
  • Rake up leaves
  • Install a garden hose that reaches the perimeter of the property
  • Don’t keep piles of recycling material near the house
  • Store flammable liquids and paint away from the house
  • Make sure your insurance is up to date
  • Create a manageable evacuation plan


Smoke alarms

Australian homes by law are required to have at least one working smoke alarm. A working fire alarm increases the chances of surviving a house fire by 60%. This is due to the fact that people cannot smell smoke while they are asleep. Smoke alarms should be:

  • Replaced every 10 years
  • Marked with AS3786 – this ensures the alarm meets the Australian standards
  • Tested once a month to ensure maximum reliability


Emergency procedures

A fire escape plan is essential to surviving a fire at home. The whole family should learn the following procedures to be well-prepared:

  • Stop, drop and roll – do this if your clothes catch fire
  • Use a thick, woolen blanket to smother flames
  • Have at least two safe exit options
  • While escaping a fire, crawl towards the exit to avoid breathing in smoke. Make sure to use the back of your hand to check doors for heat and head to a designated meeting spot safe from the fire.
  • Ensure windows can be opened from the inside.


Stay alert

Even thought most house fires occur during winter, you should remain alert all year round. Some common causes of house fires include:

  • Unattended cooking
  • Faulty appliances
  • Overloaded power boards