Property Development Activities and Professional Services

Our experienced team at Ethan Property can take projects from their inception through to the feasibility, design, planning, construction, marketing and sales phases to deliver a successful development for all stakeholders.


Regardless of which stage a development is at, our property team can bring the necessary expertise to manage the process forward. With specialists in Accounting and Feasibility, Design, Construction, Property Law, Sales and Marketing and Project Management, the experience available to you is extensive. Combined with close working relationships with other professionals within the sector, we can offer a total solution.


Our team at Ethan Property has over seven decades of property experience. This significant base of expertise provides a broad range of knowledge that allows for successful outcomes for projects across each of the real estate sectors.
Current commercial, residential, industrial and medical projects are currently being undertaken throughout Australia from inner city re-developments to regional green acre subdivisions.


We are currently seeking to acquire development sites across most States of Australia. Sites that allow a mixture of affordable housing solutions, childcare and medical uses will be looked upon favourably although all submissions will be considered.