Preparing your property correctly for the rental market will benefit the rental process in a number of ways:

• Having a well presented and clean home will attract more tenants giving you a larger number of possible tenants to select from.
• The property will generally lease quicker because it is ready for tenancy and no other work is required before tenants move in
• We are able to detail a thorough Property Condition Report and the continual maintenance and upkeep from the tenant is manageable.

Below is a checklist which we encourage you to use when preparing your property for tenancy.

Mail – contact Australia Post to re-direct your mail

Utilities – organise final readings for gas, electricity and telephone. Water and Council Rates remain in the owner’s name

Applicance manuals – provide Ethan Property with copies of all manuals

Keys – provide a full set of keys, security swipe cards and remote controls, including keys for window locks, garage, garden sheds with remote control and alarm codes

Walls – clean any dirt and scuff marks. If you are re-painting it’s best to use a wash and wear paint

Ceilings – remove cobwebs

Lights and fittings – clean off dust, dead insects and make sure the globes all work

Ceiling fans – dust and clean blades

Skirtings – dust and wipe with a damp cloth

Windows – clean windows both inside and out and make sure all tracks are cleaned and free from dirt and dust build up

Doors – clean doors, removing any scuff marks. Make sure handles are secure

Flyscreens – clean flyscreens, removing any cobwebs. All flyscreens must be in tact and not torn or damaged

Stove tops – clean the stove top including any removable parts

Oven – clean the oven ensuring all trays, grilling racks and other inserts are clean

Rangehood – ensure filters are removed, soaked and cleaned

Toilets – clean cistern, seat, bowl inside and also around the base

Air-conditioning – clean all vents and filters

Cupboards/drawer – clean, wash inside and out

Curtains – wash all curtains

Gardens – mow the lawn, remove all weeds, trim edges and prune back any over hanging trees or vines

Garage/sheds – ensure all garages and sheds are cleaned out and free from cob webbs and dust

Bins – ensure there are bins provided and are empty and clean

Letterbox – ensure the letterbox is secure and intact with the property number clearly displayed

Fencing and gates – make sure all fences are secure and intact and all side, rear gates are able to be opened easily

Pools – pools need to be cleaned and chemically balanced. A continuous safety barrier needs to surround the pool to restrict access by young children

Insurance – make sure you organise landlord insurance