Why choose Ethan Property?

Ethan Property has a specialised team of Property Managers and Administration Support Staff who pride themselves on providing a professional service that will meet the needs of a broad range of property investors. With offices located in Victoria, Northern Territory (including Alice Springs) and Western Australia, Ethan Property’s team is rapidly expanding to accommodate our unprecedented growth. Ethan Property will be expanding its footprint by establishing offices in other states within the coming months to ensure we have a presence Nationally, so no matter the location of your property, Ethan Property is there to look after you.

Not your traditional Real Estate Agency

Ethan Property doesn’t operate like every other traditional Real Estate agency.
Ethan Property’s priority is communication with its investors, so you are fully aware of the status of your property. You will have a dedicated team assigned to manage your property.

Increase your investment yield

Don’t wait until the end of the months to receive your rent, as soon as Ethan Property receives the cleared funds its transferred into your nominated account. We think that its your money and its only fair that its in your account.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your management requirements with our staff, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff.