Creating a winning Renter’s Resume

Creating a winning Renter’s Resume

Do you want your rental application to stand out from the pack? Have you considered creating a renter’s resume? Resumes are not just for applying for jobs, a renter’s resume is intended to help you market yourself as an ideal resident and can give you an advantage if you’re applying in a competitive rental market.

Just like a resume for a job, you should include the following information on your renter’s resume:

  • Contact information
  • Previous residences – include the dates when you lived at your last home and how much rent you paid. You might also like to include why you left, e.g. to find a bigger apartment.
  • A list of personal references or previous landlords
  • Income and current employer
  • Job title and current location
  • Name, weight and breeds of any pets
  • Verification information such as copies of; drivers licence, passport and Medicare card, etc.

Add an Objective Statement

The objective statement is your chance to make your renter’s resume your own. You can discuss who you are, what you’re searching for (a two bedroom apartment), and what you’re budget is. You can also include information such as if you have any children, if you’re a student and if you’re planning to live with a housemate.

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